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SEKEM Medical Center: More than 1800 Patients Are Cured of Hepatitis C

In the framework of contributing to the Egyptian governmental campaign to combat Hepatitis C virus (HCV), more than 1800 patients had been completely cured by SEKEMs Medical Center until now. .

In March 2016, SEKEM Medical Center, which is located on SEKEM Farm in the governorate Al-Sharkia, was selected to be the focal point of the area for treating Hepatitis C patients coming from the surrounding villages. The selection was made by the Public Health Insurance Organization based on the convenient place of the Medical Center and SEKEMs well-trained staff. The SEKEM Medical Center received 4500 Hepatitis C patients by the Public Health Insurance Organization, according to their residence.

“Our involvement in the national campaign against Hepatitis C solved the huge problem of the prolonged lists of patients waiting for their turns to receive their medicinal treatments, which are provided to them by the government”, says Sabry Mokhtar, administrative manager at SEKEM Medical Center. “By now, the Medical Center treated 1848 patients successfully, who now come back every three months to undergo their check-ups.”The treated patients additionally receive Hepatitis B vaccines as part of their prophylactic and immunological procedures”, explains Sabry Mokhtar.

According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) report, Egypt has still one the highest prevalence of Hepatitis C in the world. However, SEKEM is confident that the number of patients can inevitably be diminished by its contribution to the national campaign: “Egypt free of Hepatitis C by 2020”.

SEKEM Medical Center
SEKEM Medical Center involved in campaign to combat Hepatitis C
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