SEKEM Medical Center Involved in Campaign to Combat Hepatitis C

SEKEMs Medical Center participates in a governmental health campaign by providing medicinal treatment to combat hepatitis C virus.

Recently, Dr. Heba Saeed, general supervisor of the liver committee at the Public Health Insurance Organization, visited SEKEMs Medical Center to ensure that the place is suitable for the new liver treatment unit that is going to be established in the context of a governmental health campaign for treating the hepatitis C virus. Egypt has one of the highest rates of hepatitis C in the world. SEKEMs Medical Center, which is located on the SEKEM Farm in the Sharkiya governorate, was chosen to be the focal point for supplying the medicinal treatment to the patients coming from the surrounding areas.

In the campaign’s context, Dr. Hisham Abd El Hafiz, Director of the Public Health Insurance Organization in the Sharkia governorate, said that trainings will be provided to the team of doctors and pharmacists to eneure best procedures for the patients.

The governmental campaign is aiming to eliminate the hepatitis C virus in Egypt until 2020.


Medical Research in SEKEM
Ola Hussein, nurse in SEKEMs Medical Center