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SEKEM Is an Important Partner in Oikocredit’s Public Relations Work

SEKEM and the International Cooperative Oikocredit are longstanding partners – not only in economic terms. Oikocredit, for example, often presents SEKEM in lectures and at information desks as a partner that brings social and ecological commitment in line with economic efficiency.

Eberhard Proissl, voluntary member of the German Oikocredit Support Association Baden-Württemberg, has recently presented the work of SEKEM at a lecture evening in Blaustein near Ulm again. Besides Oikocredit, the evening was hosted by the Impulse Group Blaustein (Regional – Fair – Sustainable), the World Shop Ulm, the Adult Education Center Ulm and the Rainbow House. Already before the start of the presentation, the approximately 30 visitors were invited to taste various SEKEM products, such as aromatic herbal teas and sweet date spreads served by the World Shop.

Since the sustainable use of resources has gained great importance in Blaustein, the visitors were especially interested in learning how SEKEM succeeds in using as little water as possible in agriculture or how the initiative integrates renewable energies. The committed Oikocredit speaker, who visited SEKEM last year, was able to present not only his own impressions, but also to the latest developments such as a solar project of the Heliopolis University or the founding of the SEKEM Center for Social Entrepreneurship. “I read the SEKEM News with great interest and use the information for lectures and Facebook posts. They give an impressive picture of SEKEMs dynamic development”, says Eberhard Proissl. “I especially like the category ‘People in SEKEM’, which illustrates how the co-workers implement SEKEMs vision in their daily work.”

SEKEM thanks Eberhard Proissl and all other voluntary supporters, for their great commitment to public relations’ activities!

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