SEKEM, GLS Bank and OikoCredit to Dedicate an Event to Sustainability

Agriculture – the term itself evokes images of happy cows on lush green meadows, full of summer flowers against a backdrop of picturesque traditional villages. We know, though, that this advertising imagery rarely corresponds to reality. But how does agriculture really work? What role does it play for the development of rural areas throughout the world, for the people who live there, and for their ecological wellbeing? On May 21, 2015 at 19:00h SEKEM, GLS Bank and OikoCredit will organize an evening dedicated to a closer look at organic farming at the GLS Bank’s new branch office in Hamburg. Two experts will answer these questions from their different perspectives: Bijan Kafi from SEKEM, a partner of OikoCredit, and Dirk Grah, regional director of the GLS Bank in Hamburg.

SEKEM and its partners are excited to learn more about the similarities and differences of organic farming in Egypt and Northern Europe.

Where: GLS Bank branch office Hamburg, Düsternstraße 10, Meeting Room 5th floor, Hamburg.