SEKEM Friends Germany at Sister City Event in Stuttgart

Shortly after the SEKEM Initiative was founded in 1977, a link has been established between the Egyptian capital and the German city Stuttgart: since 1979, Cairo and Stuttgart have officially been sister cities. The German association of SEKEM Friends is based in Stuttgart and cherishes a close contact with the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. In this context, in 2015, for example, SEKEM founder Ibrahim Abouleish was awarded the Staufer Medal of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The SEKEM Friends distributed small cotton plants to the visitors in Stuttgart.

On June 30, a huge event on the sister cities took place in Stuttgart. Taken for granted, the German SEKEM Friends participated the event and represented their commitment in and for Egypt in many different ways. Among several other projects from Tunisia, India or Poland, the SEKEM Friends displayed comprehensive information on the subject of cotton processing in Egypt. SEKEM does not only cultivate cotton under biodynamic guidelines, but also guarantees further processing and production within the country, for the most part even within the SEKEM companies themselves. Of particular interest among the visitors was the cottonseeds and small plants that have been distributed by the SEKEM Friends as presents to the guests. Also, handicraft offered for children with cotton yarns were well received. And a few revenues for the association were generated by selling SEKEM products via the new SEKEM Online Shop. The SEKEM Friends had been especially happy about the great offer of help from several people. In addition to members of the board and advisory boards, support came from long-term and new friends.

Israa, a former teacher at the SEKEM School, supported the SEKEM Friends by offering activities for children.

“We must build bridges between the cities and practice cultural exchange so that the world grows together,” said Mayor Fritz Kuhn on the occasion of the event “Sister Cities in Action”. The SEKEM Friends Association sees itself as a bridge builder for cultural exchange since its foundation and the 30th of June was a wonderful opportunity to present this concern and to take further steps of networking.

SEKEM Friends Germany
Staufer Medaille for Ibrahim Abouleish
SEKEM Day 2018