SEKEM Energy Nominated for TRIGOS Award 2015

SEKEM Energy is a partner of the Austrian Development Cooperation Agency (ADA) and has been nominated for the TRIGOS Award. The prestigious award assesses how companies fulfil their social responsibility and incorporate it strategically in all areas of their business activities.

The ADA works with SEKEM Energy in the field of solar heating in Egypt. Solar energy generation has been on the rise for some time in the country and SEKEM Energy and the ADA collaborate to promote it as a cost-efficient sources of energy.

Due to its plenty of sun, solar water heating appears to have a secure future in Egypt. The working group initiated by SEKEM Energy is committed to cooperating with local research facilities for the dissemination of this clean technology. High-quality collector systems are produced in Egypt using local raw materials and production capacities. Plants are built and constructed in cooperation with the Heliopolis University who is aiming to launch a state-approved training course for solar technicians. This ensures that local experts can develop and maintain the systems.

Source: ADA

SEKEM Energy