SEKEM Demeter in New Markets

“SEKEM Demeter” is a revised brand of SEKEM for Demeter-certified tea and foodstuff that is stepping into new markets.

After the new product line was introduced to the german market last year via the SEKEM Online Shop, it is now also available  in Italy through “Ecor NaturaSi” the biggest distributor of Organic food in the country, in the Netherlands through the successful Organic Company “Odin and in Slovakia through “Egylava”. 

It all starts with 7 different kinds of herbal teas and dates but shall be extended at the end of this year by including a selection of date bites, peanut butter, salted peanuts in Italy, new tea mixes in the Netherlands and herbal teas and food items in Slovakia. Besides the European countries, products of the new SEKEM Demeter brand are also  available in Kuwait, UAE, Yemen.

Why SEKEM Demeter?

Demeter-certified agriculture had been very meaningful to SEKEM already since it’s foundation. Both labels are renowned for their holistic approach to sustainability. SEKEM and  the Demeter association focuses on individual’s development as well as the community in balance with nature.

Demeter as a certification label, aspires to become more than that; in order to contribute to the global agricultural and nutrition challenges. Taking it a few steps further than just being Organic, Demeter certification is looking to promote and advocate to an agriculture which respects the laws of nature such as biodiversity and enriching local produce and soil.

Witt the the new “SEKEM Demeter” brand the values of both, the SEKEM as well as the Demeter vision shall become more visible to the customers. SEKEM and Demeter are connected by a long-standing partnership; after SEKEM CEO Helmy Abouleish was part of the board for several years he had been elected as president of Demeter International in 2017. 

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