SEKEM Companies Celebrate Great Success in 2019

SEKEM’s company iSiS Organic for Organic foodstuff celebrated its a very successful year, which couldn’t have ended any better: in December, iSiS Organic achieved its highest turnover ever. Another success story achieved by the SEKEM textile company NatureTex which managed to make all its seasonal deliveries in time using only sea freight to maintain a low carbon footprint.

iSiS Organic’s success

“Trust is the solid foundation on which any business should be built and the shortest route to success,” explains Mamdouh Abouleish, General Manager of iSiS Organic. He adds: “Trust requires several factors leading to success; these factors are integrity, intention, competence – all this lead to the great results that we achieved together with you in the past year.” The enlightening words of iSiS’ General manager rang true and inspirational to the big team of iSiS, whose trust in one another, including the management, led to unprecedented success. Around 500 people that contributed to this success have been invited by SEKEM and gathered at SEKEM’s guest house for a solemn lunch.

Dr. Mamdouh Abouleish (n the middle) is the head of SEKEM’s biggest and most competitive and company iSiS Organic already for man years. In 2019, the trust form his employees showed great success: In December, iSiSi Organic achieved the highest turnover since its foundation.

NatureTex strives for 100% sustainability

NatureTex was founded to reestablish the true value of Egyptian cotton, a natural product that was suffering the mistreatment of the demanding fashion industry. Returning the vitality to the soil through biodynamic/organic agriculture is one step along the way and one part only of the product cycle. Hence, NatureTex is annually measuring its environmental and social impact through a sustainability report. In 2019, NatureTex was successful in delivering all the seasonal orders through sea freight which contributes strongly to the ecological footprint of an ethical, fair and healthy product. This success was celebrated as well with a huge dinner at the SEKEM garden.

All of SEKEM’s companies are developed with the consideration of environmental preservation and development alongside people’s development as individuals and within the community. Hence, success is not only measured by the turnover but also by the quality along the value chain and the end product. But, in turn this does not mean that financial profit is not pursued, it is in fact in important part to create values within the societal and cultural spheres. Therefore, SEKEM’s companies contribute 10% of their annual profit to the SEKEM Development Foundation (SDF) that runs many non-profit projects serving social and environmental development, such as schools or a medical center.

Nadine Greiss

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