SEKEM 2023 Report: An Impactful Year of Holistic Development


SEKEM 2023 Key Figures


While 2023 presented unprecedented challenges, SEKEM’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, resilience, and ethical business practices has guided us through turbulent times. Our core values have been the foundation of our approach to positive global change, which is deeply rooted in societal transformation and holistic research. Biodynamic agriculture, a cornerstone of our vision, exemplifies this interconnectedness by recognizing the holistic relationship between the environment and its inhabitants, promoting sustainable and harmonious living.

The highlight of our year was presenting sustainable agriculture as a powerful solution for combating climate change at COP28, alongside our partners the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA). This ambitious project aims to transform the agricultural practices of 40,000 Egyptian farmers, attracting new followers and inspiring others.

This report celebrates our collective efforts to bring our vision to life and expresses our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support of SEKEM and its mission. Despite the challenges we face, our commitment to a sustainable future remains unwavering. We believe that together, we are an unstoppable force for saving our planet.


Cultural Life in 2023: 

At SEKEM, our approach to cultural life emphasizes the importance of holistic development, integrating artistic activities, education, and spiritual growth to foster a sense of community and unity with nature. We aim to stimulate human development and promote cultural diversity, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and harmonious society. This year, we have achieved significant growth across various aspects of our cultural life, including: increased student enrollment and vocational training, expanded research and development projects, enhanced medical services and increased employee training and social activities. These developments reflect our commitment to nurturing a vibrant cultural life that supports the well-being of our community and the environment.

Ecological Life in 2023:


At SEKEM, our ecological efforts are centered around regenerative agricultural principles as a crucial solution for our planet’s most pressing challenges. We aim to maintain ecological balance and sustainability through measuring our impact on natural resources such as soil, plants, animals, energy, air, and water. As we strive to give back to nature through environmentally friendly production practices, this year, we have made significant progress in three key areas: expanding cultivated areas and increasing tree planting on SEKEM farms. Additionally, we grew our renewable energy use. These achievements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

Economic Life in 2023:

At the heart of our economic strategy lies a holistic approach that aims to balance the needs of both the environment and the community. Our closed value chain ensures fair income for farmers and workers, through adopting fair and ethical trading practices and promoting sustainability. This year, we’ve made significant progress by expanding our product range, solidifying our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Societal Life in 2023:

Our commitment to societal life is built on the principles of respect, dignity, and inclusivity. We foster a culture of diversity and equality within our various organizations and in the broader community, ensuring fair compensation, safe and healthy work environments, and literacy as a fundamental human right. This year, we have made significant strides, including: increasing the proportion of female employees and enhancing the average value of non-monetary benefits per employee.

Read the full report here and discover the full scope of our transformative work in 2023.