Searching For A Better Climate – SEKEM Partners With Ecosia

In 2057 we envision Egypt to be climate neutral! One step towards this goal is done by becoming a partner of Ecosia.

Ecosia is an ecological search engine that was launched in 2009. It helps raise awareness of climate change and empowers all interested individuals to contribute to solutions and actions against global heating. Ecosia offers a transparent tool that shows the user how, through their search, more trees are being planted. As a social business, Ecosia donates most of its profits to non-profit organizations which focus on combating climate change and are active in the field of reforestation.

Currently, Ecosia has already facilitated the planting of more than 100 million trees thanks to its partners’ contributions and its own profit of which at least 80% is donated to environmental projects. Ecosia brings the environmental and sustainability cause to every home, every company, every smartphone, and helps the users to be a small part of a bigger solution. The search engine thus encourages a conscious and active user behavior.

The power of partnership 

SEKEM and all its subsidiary companies alongside Heliopolis University staff and students have now made Ecosia their standard search engine. SEKEM and HU community members are determined to raise awareness of this measure throughout Egypt and to support the new partner.

Beyond the clicking for climate, SEKEM and Ecosia jointly want to engage in the installation of a solar electricity generation system in SEKEM Wahat where the‘ Greening the Desert project’ is implemented. This system will power one pivot irrigation system, responsible for watering 55 feddan of desert land. The SEKEM Wahat – Greening the Desert project aims to cover over 2000 feddan of desert land, which are being revitalized through Biodynamic agriculture methods. SEKEM and Ecosia are now both working towards this goal and thereby towards a greener and climate neutral future.

Nadine Greiss

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