New SEKEM Insight

Reinventing SEKEM Insight

SEKEMs monthly newsletter SEKEM Insight has been given a new, fresh visual design that is technically up to date and makes its creation for editors much faster and easier.

“We love to reinvent ourselves”, Thomas Abouleish says. “After redeveloping our website from scratch, we felt that SEKEM Insight had to be redesigned as well. We wanted to make a fresh start”, the Chief Relations Officer explains. The monthly SEKEM newsletter that was sent as a PDF file in the past will now be continuously published in the form of individual articles through an independent website: It is completely new, dynamic, fast, and technically state of the art.

For SEKEM, the old PDF format had gathered a lot of dust. Reading and distribution had become cumbersome and complicated and the monthly release schedule did no longer match the flow of changes occurring at SEKEM. Now, if there is the need to print an article the website serves the reader with a PDF link within every individual article that allows him or her to print only what is of immediate interest to them.

SEKEM is a very complex organization, a living organism. Thus, the initiative also needs to find the means to communicate in equally dynamic and flexible ways. Thomas Abouleish: “We wanted to build a place where we can tell big and small stories alike almost instantly, instead of having to create a summary at the end of the month”. Everyone can receive up to the minute information on SEKEM now on the website – almost as fast as the SEKEM community itself. The new format enables the SEKEM communication team to publish articles more often and promptly. Of course all SEKEM Insight subscribers can trust that they will still receive a monthly email that will serve them with a summary of SEKEMs development and news.

Aside from the new format and design, the content of SEKEM Insight is also receiving a makeover. Publications will focus more closely on what is happening inside SEKEM on a day-to-day basis by featuring a greater number of stories from the perspective of employees and by telling them in more personal ways. SEKEMs focus will remain to be on the Egyptian and international community. Therefore, the majority of articles on SEKEM Insight will be published in English and Arabic with a limited number in the German language.

Christine Arlt