Promoting Integrative Child Health

Within the framework of the SEKEM vision for 2057, SEKEM is focusing this year in particular on the goal of “Integrative Health and Medicine”. In this context, a project on child health was launched in SEKEM’s Medical Center

The project aims to provide holistic medical care to 600 children and young people from SEKEM’s educational institutions. With that in mind, a documentation booklet was first developed to provide orientation for doctors and nurses. It contains elements from the Egyptian and German prevention programs for children and initially concentrates on two main areas.

In early detection examinations, the infant up to the age of 6 is regularly examined and accompanied in its development. Parents receive specific advice on topics such as breastfeeding, heat balance, nutrition, rhythm, exercise, communication, games, education or media. If necessary, educators or teachers are also included in the counselling.

The second focus is on medical and therapeutic care during the school and training period and also includes workshops for parents and teachers regarding topics such as age-appropriate nutrition, sleeping and waking, and dealing with allergies and infections. “This program is also a school for everyone involved, including doctors, nurses and therapists,” says Andreas Lenzen, who leads the program. “We will learn from the experience gained and apply the results directly to further development”.

Children are the future! 

SEKEM is convinced that the holistic promotion of children’s health is of great importance for the future and therefore also provides the complete financing for the children of its employees – Egyptian health insurances do not cover preventive medical checkups or preventive measures.

The project can be supported by donations to the German support association of SEKEM Freunde Deutschland.


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