Walaa Mohamed

People in SEKEM: Walaa Mohamed

Although she seems to be in her early twenties, something serious and certain lies in her lovely smile. Walaa Mohamed, a young employee working at NatureTex, SEKEMs company for Organic textiles, is not only committed to her work, but also to the empowerment of women.

The 27-years-old lady started to work for SEKEM in 2006. As a Quality Specialist, she monitors the whole processing of textiles”. “From a piece of cloth, to the pattern to the stitches – I have to observe all the stages until the material becomes one of NatureTex’ unique products”, Walaa Mohamed explains the responsibility she is carrying.

The ambitious SEKEM co-worker studied Commerce and then heard one of her family members enthusiastically talking about SEKEM. “From this moment I wished to work there and I feel lucky that it became true”, Walaa recalls. She started as a trainee in SEKEMs company NatureTex and got to know all the machines and different sections of the factory.

Next to her work, the self-conscious lady is engaged to many other activities that SEKEM offers to its employees. Hence, whenever there is a training or an activity announced, Walaa is eager to attend. “I like to develop my skills and although I am in NatureTex since many years, I can learn every day something new”, she says. Recently she joined for instance a Communication Training Course, which has been very enriching: “I learned how to stay calm when dealing with my colleagues during intensive times at work.”

The professional young SEKEM employee is especially committed to the topic gender equality. Walaa refused to stay at home with her family. Before marriage the young wife lived with her family in Zagazig, a city about an hour away from SEKEM Farm. “My parents were worrying about the long and exhausting way that I had to take to work, especially in summer”, Walaa recounts with a smile. “Although my family is very supportive, they had concerns that I could not manage to keep working after I got married.” But she pursued her plan independently with an outstanding success: Walaa is committed to SEKEM now for almost ten years.

Walla Mohamed believes in her rights as a woman, which are supported by SEKEMs Gender Strategy for a Balanced Society. She supports the organization of different activities that NatureTex offers its employees in regards to the empowerment of women whenever she can. “I am not concerned about losing my job when I have a child. SEKEM supports young mothers with different facilities”, Walaa says. “I can see how SEKEM believes in empowering women economically and socially to create a secure future, which I really wish my children to be born in.”

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