People in SEKEM: Samar Blasy

Samar Blasy is the youngest of three siblings. She grew up with her brother and sister in a loving home in Sharqeya to hard working and caring parents. Samar had a deep bond with her father – the special connection they both shared shaped her character. When he passed away in 2006, it was her mother and her work that helped her overcome the grievous loss. Ever since, SEKEM, especially the company Atos, became like a home away from home.

Samar has been a part of SEKEM’s subsidiary company Atos Pharma since 2005, starting right after graduating from the Faculty of Science. She joined the company because of its good reputation and proximity to her home. Soon after, her university colleague Mohamed Anwer joined SEKEM, and he is now the factory manager of the Organic food company iSiS Organic. Samar worked in IPC (In Process Control) from 2005 until 2012. In the meantime, she took part in many trainings and received several diplomas to further develop her skills. Her hard work was fruitful and paid off: she received a scholarship for her master’s program of Biotechnology in Bulgaria. “This travel experience was life changing for me. It broadened my horizon and helped me become more confident and open to new adventures,” she recalls.  

When Samar returned to Egypt with the master’s degree in her pocket, she rejoined Atos in a new role as Quality Assurance Section Head. She held this role for four years until she was moved to the Registration Department, where she still works to date. “I enjoy my job a lot because it’s versatile, and I get to meet new people and learn new things on a regular basis. My favorite part of work is going on missions to the Ministry of Health,” expresses the outgoing and agile employee.

The human factor

In addition to her career progress, Samar also appreciates her personal and cultural development. Although she doesn’t regularly participate in the Core Program, she learned to savor art and particularly music. She explains: “One of my fondest memories is attending the Space of Culture. Dr. Ibrahim applauded the Oriental Music Ensemble for their beautiful performance long after we stopped. This simple gesture taught me to savor and appreciate music a lot more.” 

She also developed strong bonds with her coworkers and seniors, but her special memories are still with SEKEM founder Ibrahim Abouleish.  “Most of all, I was privileged to have worked with Dr. Ibrahim who trusted and empowered me all along my career in SEKEM. He was a unique person and had a great ability to teach, lead, and impart wisdom,” tells Samar in gratitude. 

Nadine Greiss

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