rania abouelnasr

People in SEKEM: Rania Abou El-Nasr

Rania Abou El-Nasr is a young 24-year-old woman from Giza, who has been working in SEKEM since 2018. Despite her young age, she has achieved a lot in the marketing department and got promoted recently from team leader to a trade marketing supervisor. Her success is strongly influenced by her creativity, activity and discipline. 

Rania was an active child who had many hobbies such as playing the violin and doing gymnastics but her biggest passion is reading and writing stories and novels; that is why she wanted to become a journalist. Horror and romance are her favorite genres. 

The talented young lady graduated from the Faculty of Arts, the Department of Philosophy, and did a diploma in teaching. She wanted to become a journalist, but the challenges seemed too difficult to her. She then realized that the marketing work also offers her to be creative and to communicate in a different way. Hence, she switched her direction and obtained a diploma in marketing. Rania started working in the marketing and advertisement department of another company that was cooperating with SEKEM’s enterprise for Organic food products iSiS Organic. Her current manager convinced her to join SEKEM. Since then, she worked on the development of certain products such as the iSiS Immunity Tea, updating the designs of iSiS Regime Tea and iSiS Tilia. Also, the design development of iSiS table water was strongly influenced by the ambitious SEKEM co-worker.

A photo of Rania in SEKEM farm.

Since her school days, Rania had been a hardworking and disciplined character. “I had a lot of sleepless nights and difficulties managing my time”. However, her persistent nature helped her conquer all the challenges and achieve what she wanted.

Rania has one brother and two sisters. One of her sisters also joined the iSiS marketing team.  “I learned the meaning of responsibility when I was promoted and became in charge of a whole team. I have to take care of my team members and ensure that everything is going well and solve any problems or concerns they have”, Rania says full of responsibility.

“After joining SEKEM, I feel that my personality has matured”, Rania reveals. She started traveling a lot all across Egypt for work, which made her learn how not to fear things, become courageous and challenge herself to gain experience. She explains: “We have to stop judging and try things before we doubt our ability to do them, and we must be optimistic.” SEKEM helped Rania develop her communication skills and become calmer as she deals with different types of people all the time.

Her favorite things in SEKEM are her team and the music that is played at the beginning of every Sunday meeting. SEKEM is like a family to her: “SEKEM is a whole community that focuses on teamwork and it is a school where you can learn everything. When I seek help, I always find someone who supports me and provides me with wholesome information.”

Rania really likes what she is doing so she wants to manage her time in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in marketing, to learn more and to become a manager herself one day. “Marketing is really important; it’s what makes any product more appealing, it adds a great value”, she says.