People in SEKEM: Mohamed Abdel-Halim

A delicious cup of coffee

If you ever come to SEKEM and want to have a cup of coffee, head straight to Mohamed Abdel-Halim. Mohamed, known as Hamouda by everyone, is a very funny person who likes joking and spreading laughter in the workplace. He has a vital job in SEKEM’s headquarters, where he makes the employees all the drinks they desire and makes sure that everyone gets their morning coffee or tea to kick start the day actively. He knows how to customize drinks to please everyone’s taste buds. 

Mohamed Abdel-Halim, 41 years old, has been working in SEKEM for 12 years. A long time ago, Mohamed was working as a contractor. When he got in an accident and he could not continue working in that field. He then joined SEKEM in 2010.

Smiling is the key

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The bright employee likes joking with people and getting along with them and feels that smiling and laughing make a great work environment. He is good at soothing people when they are sad or stressed. Hamouda’s room is a safe place when someone feels stressed and wants to get a drink and a few moments to relax. On hot summer days, Hamouda gifted the employees fresh lemon juice to help them feel fresh and become motivated to work. “I love that everyone in SEKEM acts as a close family who is used to each other, and when one of us departs, we all get so touched”, he says while also thinking about the SEKEM Founder Ibrahim Abouleish (+2017).

One day, 9 years ago, Ibrahim Abouleish saw him during the morning circle and told him that he is going to manage and found ISIcafe; a cafe that serves Heliopolis University students and SEKEM employees. At first, Mohamed refused as he thought he could not do it, but everyone knew that Ibrahim Abouleish had a strong sense when it comes to people and their potentials. Now the cafe is an essential part of SEKEM and the university. “In SEKEM, I learned the meaning of love, honesty, and true friendship,” says Mohamed. 

The family man was born in Belbis, a town near the SEKEM Farm. He is the oldest in his family and a very hardworking and loving brother who made sure to educate all his siblings and help them get married. His family consists of his wife, his daughters Basma (17 years old), Bassant (14 years old), Rodina (3 years old), and his son Abdel-Halim (10 years old). Hamouda’s ultimate wish is to provide a good education for his kids. For himself, he deeply wishes to perform the hajj (Islamic pilgrimage). 

But what is Mohamed’s ultimate passion? 

The cheerful employee believes that every person has to challenge himself and be persistent when it comes to achieving their dreams and goals. “We have to overcome the pressures and difficulties of life no matter what”, the SEKEM co-worker reveals.   

Mohamed’s hobbies include cooking food and watching videos to entertain himself and learn new information through their content. However, his main passion is decorating places and interior design. He even wants to give SEKEM and the offices at the headquarters a makeover from his perspective. Hence, maybe in the future, SEKEM will not only benefit from his cheerful character but also the atmosphere created by Mohamed’s design of the buildings. 

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