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Dr. Alaa Miklid works in SEKEM for only one year but he already internalized the vision of the initiative deeply internalized. “SEKEM has inspired me from the first moment. So beautiful and clean. That alone heals already“, the pediatrician tells.

The retired doctor visits SEKEMs Medical Center two times a week and treats children from the surrounding area. “It’s a long journey for me, almost 100 kilometers, but it absolutely worth it because I know that I can do something good here”, Dr. Alaa Miklid emphasizes.

After studying medicine in Cairo, the now 60-years-old spent one year in Egypt´s poorer districts. “That was a very important experience which has impacts to my way of thinking and acting until  today. I directly treated patients but also did preventive actions, which brought me very close to the people. Although most of them were very poor they acted much more welcoming and warmly than many of my academic colleagues.” From his point of view, every aspiring doctor should first serve some time in rural and poor areas of Egypt before working in a hospital.

“For me the EQ (emotional quotient) matters more than the general IQ (intelligence quotient).”

“For me the EQ (emotional quotient) matters more than the general IQ (intelligence quotient)”, the SEKEM doctor says. “Many doctors have the best education but no social skills. But dealing with patients is often even more significant than the direct treatment.” After study and practical work on the ground Dr. Alaa Midlik gained experiences in Saudi Arabia for ten years and even at Harvard University, which he visited for one year. During this time he got to know the Japanese philosophy “Kaizen”, which is about the continuous improvement and development in working as well as private life. “Kaizen” became his philosophy of life. After his stays abroad, he worked as managing director in three large hospitals in Egypt, one of them with more than 1500 doctors.  Later on he took over the responsibility for all medical issues in the governorate Sharqiyya, where also the SEKEM Farm is located.

Shortly before his retirement, one of his colleagues asked him about his future plans and suggested to visit SEKEM. “Already when I entered the farm I was convinced by SEKEM. The beauty and order of the farm are unique”, says the pediatrician. “After a conversation with Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish I realized that the philosophy of SEKEM is the same as mine. Protecting and promoting the environment and people is the key to a better future for Egypt.”

Fighting Egypt’s health challenges

Since last year’s December Dr. Alaa Miklid comes regularly to SEKEMs Medical Center and already has plans for improvements. He wants to set up a special department for newborn babies and extend his working time.

“Even though I’m now officially retired, I can´t just sit around doing nothing. I want to help more people, especially children”, the father says. “There are still so many medical and health challenges in Egypt as for example the fight against the hepatitis C virus, which is a huge problem especially in the governorate Sharqiyya.”

The father of three sons is proud of being a good role model for his children and taught them to do something good every day for another person. Two of his sons have already followed his example and have studied medicine. “In addition to professional training my children should also get to know the world in its different facets, because you learn the most while doing so,” says Dr. Alaa Miklid.

Christine Arlt


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