People in SEKEM: Abdullah Ahmed

I don’t think that anything is impossible. We encounter many obstacles in life. They are challenges, nothing more”, says Abdullah Ahmed. The 28-year-old is responsible for the SEKEM costumer service. Day by day he is responding to questions concerning SEKEM products, background information, or orders, and is handling complains. “You will find this kind of work in every company, and nevertheless I can say that I love my job”, Abdullah says. “It is my passion to communicate with people and to convince them of the value of something good.”

The SEKEM employee is deeply bonded to the holistic approach of the initiative. Three years ago he quit his job with a renowned international company to commit himself to SEKEM. Since then, he has dedicated himself to its cause. “My purpose was to do something that not only enriches my own life but also has a positive impact on the lives of other people. I was specifically attracted to SEKEMs commitment to sustainability, which is unique in Egypt, and by the responsibilities of the position that was offered to me”, the ambitious young member of the SEKEM family replies. Abdullah was directly involved in implementing the customer service department at SEKEM. In this context, his excellent language skills helped him a lot. Abdullah’s English pronunciation makes him sound like a true native speaker. In fact, he is regularly approached by consumers whether he is indeed an American. “I have been in love with the English language since I was a child. I used to watch American movies while trying to imitate the actors’ accents.”

However, Abdullah worker is also very passionate about his mother tongue. He has been writing poems in Arabic since he was at school. Soon, he will publish a collection of them in his first book. “Usually I write about my home country and about women”, he reveals. His encounters are purely platonic, of course: the devout Muslim is single and intends to wait for the one and only woman to accompany him through his life. His poetry is about inspiration that he received from a number of female friends or individuals that affected him in one way or another. “I love my work, poetry and many other activities. Nevertheless it is our prophet who plays the biggest role in my life. He is my leader and empowers me to make my dreams come true”, exclaims the prolific young writer.

Ever since Abdullah was invited to join an event promoting talented new poets in Cairo, he has been dreaming about one day becoming the “Prince of Poets” – a prestigious award for Arab writers. Abdullah: “I want to leave my fingerprint in this world – but I can achieve that through my poetry as well as in my job for SEKEM. I am convinced that there is always the possibility to make the best out of any situation. Thus, I am also trying to integrate SEKEMs idea of sustainability into my personal life.”

Christine Arlt