At ISIS Kamal Salama is in charge of the export of vegetables and dates.

People in SEKEM: Kamal Salama

There is always a solution or alternative in life”, says Kamal Salama “problems are a part of life and shouldn’t prevent us from anything – this is what my family taught me.” The 45-year-old Egyptian has been working for ISIS Organic since 1996 already – he is adapting this positive slogan also to his working routine.

After his university degree at the faculty of agriculture Kamal Salama was told about SEKEM by a friend. Ibrahim Saad is an ISIS Organic engineer as well and supported the family man to enter the company, first in the quality control department. Now Kamal is a production manager for both the local and the export markets for vegetables and dates.

Usually, he is responsible for the work of 40 to 60 employees. “I really like to work for ISIS Organic as I learned to appreciate the significance of organic food”, the dedicated factory manager says. “I am very proud that I could witness how the company grew. Several years ago, nobody knew ISIS Organic, not to mention organic food – now every child in Egypt is aware of ISIS Organic‘s products. That pushes me to give the best in my job.”

Kamal Salama starts working at eight in the morning and leaves by five in the afternoon. He is living in Belbeis, the next big city close to SEKEM, and has got two daughters and a son at the age of two to eleven years to care for. As his wife is also employed – as a teacher – the grandmother is occasionally taking care of the children. “Our family is used to the fact that women are doing a job as well – I have four brothers and four sisters and all of them are gainfully employed. It is very challenging sometimes, but we wish to offer our children something. If my daughters could study medicine and my son become a football player, I would be very happy”, Kamal Salama smiles. The likeable ISIS Organic-employee is a soccer fanatic himself and even won the annual SEKEM tournament with his team. “If I get to travel to see a match of Bayern-München one day, a dream would come true for me”, he reveals.

Christine Arlt