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“Paving Ways Together for Solar Thermal Energy in Egypt”: Conference by SEKEM Energy at Heliopolis University

In cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), SEKEM Energy organized a conference held at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) under the title: “Paving Ways Together for Solar Thermal Energy in Egypt”. International experts and researchers attended the event to share interesting developments and knowledge about solar energy technologies in Egypt.

In the context of the conference, solar thermal energy projects were discussed and the certified Train the Trainer Program, which was offered by the Austrian company SEKEM Energy to the Engineering Department staff at HU was presented. “A well-founded knowledge is important to build a strong and resilient solar energy sector in Egypt”, says Sara Rashad, one of the HU co-workers, who attended the two years training program.

Solar energy represents only one percent of Egypt’s production of electricity. However, by 2020 Egypt is heading to attain 20% of its energy production from renewable sources as a part of the national development strategy.

One outcome of the conference was the idea of establishing a Solar Thermal Federation Egypt (STFE) in order to put strengthens more together.


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