Organic Plus-Size Clothing With a Deeper Meaning

When it comes to starting up a brand, it is of high importance to find a name and slogan, which is not only catchy, but also conveys a meaningful message. That was exemplarily done by the Swiss fashion label “la marui”, a committed partner of NatureTex, SEKEMs Company for Organic cotton garments. A mother and a daughter, Liana Zanin and Samantha Khairallah, founded the brand in 2015 and became so successful that they are now delivering their products in many European countries via their online shop. Recently, they even started to sell their goods in Egypt. But what is the successful and unconventional brand all about?

Activists for “Fashion Democracy”

“In a world full of discriminative beauty standards, women with plus-sizes deserve to find something nice to wear that makes them love themselves”, says Samantha Khairallah, the young co-founder of “la marui”. The feminine French article “la” in the name “la marui”, easily explains that the Swiss brand is specialized in women’s wear. The other part of the name, the word “marui”, is Japanese and implies to “being round”. Together with the slogan “Fashion Democracy”, it becomes obvious that “la marui” simply smashes down any beauty prejudice out there and wishes to support women in their right to self-love and individuality. “We do not only want to sell fashion but also spread positive energy and foster an exchange on societal topics”, the two founders explain.

Liana Zanin and Samantha Khairallah, the two founders of la marui.

Plus-size as a new trend at NatureTex

“I remember when we first introduced our size charts at NatureTex, the responsible co-worker surprisingly questioned different times whether we are sure about the numbers. The plus-sizes were completely unusual there,” Liana Zanin recounts amused. NatureTex, which is well-known for Organic newborn clothes and dolls, produces the Organic plus-size line exclusively for “la marui”.

“We envision every design to be the favorite piece that one can wear for many years until it falls apart,” Samantha Khairallah, Founder of la marui

Out of piles of favorite clothes brought to Samantha and Liana from their friends upon request, the founders got inspired and set up the designs of their brand. “We found out that the Basics are the most favorable. However, we didn’t want to make a goofy, fast or cheap fashion, but rather a sustainable one,” says Samantha. “Hence, we envision every design to be the favorite piece that one can wear for many years until it falls apart.”

“With NatureTex, we can totally guarantee the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) to our customers,” Liana Zanin, Founder of la marui

Producing Sustainable Organic cotton textiles was not the only reason behind choosing NatureTex – the working environment behind the products was taken into the consideration as well. “The unjust working conditions that people are put through in many well-known industries worldwide are horrible – even if the products are made from Organic cotton,” Liana states. “The decent atmosphere that we could see at SEKEM and in NatureTex’ factories, as well as the transparency along the whole production process, convinced us that we can really guarantee the GOTS to our customers,” she adds.

The favorite piece fitting any occasion.
The favorite piece fitting any occasion.

From NatureTex to the world

As a matter of fact, SEKEM aims to spread its ethical business model through partnerships across the world. Production in accordance with nature, fair conditions for all members of the value chain and the promotion of human development are principles for a just and sustainable future. NatureTex and “la marui” are sharing this conviction and are proving at the same time that fair and likewise successful economic activities are possible.

La marui“ recently launched its recent winter collection via the Egyptian platform “Jumia”. And with the upcoming spring collection, “la marui” will be available for the first time in-shop in its home country, Switzerland.

Noha Hussein

Pictures: © la marui

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