Future of Agriculture in Egypt - TCA Study

Organic Is Cheaper in Egypt: SEKEM Calls for 100% Organic

A new Full Cost Account Study conducted by Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development proves that with regard to prices, Organic food is in fact already cheaper to produce than conventional products in Egypt. The “Future of Agriculture in Egypt Study” shows that if the externalized costs, which are currently transferred to society or future generations would appear in supermarket bills, this would already be obvious to everyone. Research on our own production has shown that a wide variety of Organic grown crops (rice, maize, potatoes, wheat, cotton) are cheaper than crops grown under conventional practices if the costs for pollution, CO2 emissions, energy, and water consumption are considered.

In the context of the SEKEM Vision for 2057 and after the Full Cost Accounting study demonstrates that Organic farming is cheaper than conventional, even if we sell the Organic products at conventional prices, SEKEM calls for:

  • 100% Organic agriculture in Egypt.
  • Future studies to include a more comprehensive set of indicators to measure the true cost of products (for instance results of TEEB or DALY studies)
  • The Egyptian government to implement a polluter tax to reveal the true price
  • The government, researchers, and farmers to conduct such a study on all crops in Egypt
  • Governments, researchers and farmers in all countries of the world to conduct such a study to determine the future of agriculture in their countries
  • All members of the organic and biodynamic agroecology and sustainable agriculture movement worldwide to promote this kind of studies
  • Researchers worldwide to study the economic impact of organic agriculture regarding water consumption, health and social impact and climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Entrepreneurs and companies worldwide to include the True Cost Accounting approach into their business models
  • Governments and education institutions worldwide to increase the education and training opportunities in organic agriculture to enable more farmers worldwide to benefit from the economic, ecological, cultural and social benefits of organic agriculture
  • Governments and all media representatives to increase awareness of all the benefits of organic agriculture among their citizens
  • All consumers of the world to contribute to a better future for forthcoming generations by their educated and responsible purchase decisions today.

The “Future of Agriculture in Egypt Study” and SEKEM’s call is endorsed by the World Future Council, IFOAM – Organics International and the Biodynamic Federation – Demeter International e.V..

Read the Full Cost Accounting Study on the Future of Agriculture in Egypt here!