Opening up New Intellectual Horizons with Dr. Mostafa Higazy

“If we allowed others to mock our dreams, we would voluntarily lose our rights as humans”. By these words, the Egyptian Humanist and Philosopher Dr. Mostafa Higazy started his session at the “Space of Culture”. Within the frameworks of promoting cultural exchange and fostering constructive dialogues, the famous speaker gave an informative lecture on the challenges the Egyptian society is facing today.

“Some facts are bitter, but true. Can you handle the truth?” Dr. Mostafa Higazy

With great excitement, students from Heliopolis University and SEKEM co-workers attended the event under the titel “The Egyptian Nation: Present yet Absent”. He thereby focused on the strong desire of the Egyptian nation for a social and also economic change (as for instance the revolution in 2011 clearly showed) but the missing vision behind it as well as concrete strategic steps towards progress – which he demonstrated by showing the development of other countries that had been facing similar preconditions as Egypt. Dr. Higazy brings to bear 25 years of comprehensive experience in Strategic Advisory, Governance Advocacy, Investment Management, Organizational Psychology and Institutional Sustainable Development. He was the political advisor of interim President Adly Mansour, founded “Nasaq Foundation”, an Egyptian think tank focused on issues of social justice and the Advisory and Investment Management Corporation, which is committed to creating and enforcing the strategic edge in the organizational mind-set of its institutional and individual clients.

Curiosity filling the air.

“To pursue your dream, you should realize the facts,” said Dr. Mostafa Higazy during his speech. He then questioned: “However, some facts are bitter, but true. Can you handle the truth?” Questions like these aroused the curiosity of the audience towards cultural and social perspectives and opened new intellectual horizons to them.

Besides, Mostafa Higazy highlighted the challenges appeared in various spots and in different periods of time along the human history. By emphasizing how humans could overcome them and demonstrating how sooner or later progress developed, Higazy delivered to the participants an empowering message of hope towards the future.

Noha Hussein

Portraits of the Future by Lina Osama
The Egyptian Mevlevi performed at the “Space of Culture”