Opening of the new Outlet by Organic & More

Opening of New NatureTex-Outlet

Excitement is filling the air at SEKEM nowadays. The reason: a new Organic & More Outlet store has opened in Cairo. The shop offers various products of NatureTex, SEKEMs Company for Organic cotton textiles. Particularly, clothes for newborns and kids are provided in the new Organic & More store that serve customers with “safest clothing material and highest quality, which our children deserve to wear”, the new shop advertises.  

The Outlet Organic & More at Golf City Mall in Obour City, Cairo.

Next to clothes, Organic & More also offers garments and dolls of distinctive styles and shapes, which NatureTex is renowned with. All products are designed by European and American designers, and then produced in the factory at the SEKEM Farm. “Cotton is always the best choice for kids wear, but the Organic cotton brings even more benefits,” says Rene Floride, the project manager of the Outlet. “Since our Organic cotton is grown and processed completely free of any toxins or chemicals, it guarantees a safe texture for the children. It would never cause allergies, which is especially important for the delicate baby skin,” he adds.

The Outlet Organic & More is located at Golf City Mall in Obour City, Cairo. On the occasion of its opening, the Outlet is offering a special discount of 60% on all its items.

Noha Hussein

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