Open a Book for a Better Future: Free Digital International Library Launched

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find all the published books online? UNESCO reports that there are almost 800 million people who are illiterate, and this is not just a problem for developing countries. EUNIC together with the Slovenian embassy in Cairo and Heliopolis University (HU) decided to be change makers, promote a reading culture, and foster critical and discerning thinking about the future of living through a free digital Library!

The library contains a selection of European literature on a range of topics from all EU Member States and in all 24 official languages. It will be launched on 1 July 2021, comprising three segments: “Future of Living”, “Future of Europe” and “Our Future” (Kids’ Corner). In each segment, readers will be invited to leave their comments on the books they read as well as their visions of the Future of Being and the Future of Europe. Slovenia proposes that the library be brought to life with the help of EUNIC local clusters and EU delegations worldwide. And HU is partner in this project.

In addition to electronic books for adults, the library has a particular focus on materials for primary school children, to help them in a fun way to learn reading in English as a foreign language.

Whether you’re a student, professor, or parent – there are many reasons to get a free online textbook for fun, learning and career development.  Why not load your eBook on your laptop  from our digital platform for reading and relax in the beautiful garden of the Space of Culture at Heliopolis University, where you can read, socialise and spend quality time in the shade of a tree.

Alternatively, you can access the books anywhere you have an internet connection.  What better place to catch up on some reading than in fresh air? What are you waiting for? Join us now! 

Visit the digital library