Online Seminar on Integrative Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

SEKEM Online Seminar: Integrative Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

May, 11, 7:30 PM


On May 11 SEKEM will host an Online Seminar  about the  SEKEM Vision Goal for 2057 “Integrative Health” with a special focus on nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Integrative Health was one of the two focus topics in 2020. We are happy that in the last months a lot happened and suceeded in regard to this goal and we are glad to share these developments with you.

Andreas Lenzen, board member of the Center for Integrative Health and some of his colleagues of the Integrative Health Vision Group will tell about the activities that are happening right now and will give an outlook to the objectives of the coming years and decades in regard to the vision of a healthy Egypt.

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