New Skills to Unfold Egypt’s Wooden Potential

In international cooperation, Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development and SEKEM’s Vocational Training Center launched their new project on promoting the woodwork sector in Egypt. As SEKEM believes in a global community with shared interests and knowledge, collaboration was initiated with the Austrian company Felder, an Austrian producer of wood machinery. Within a first inception phase project, a holistic survey is conducted on how woodworking skills in Egypt can be improved in the most sustainable way. The project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency.

“Austria has a long history in regard to the wood working sector,” explains Michael Puttinger, Project Manager of SEKEM Energy, the Austrian partner company. Hence, SEKEM took the initiative to benefit from the Austrian experience to help the Egyptian community revitalize the woodworking and timber sector and to enable more attractive vocational trainings. Currently, twenty people are actively putting together the information to create the educational contents and to develop needed infrastructure. In a later stage a vocational training center should be implemented in Egypt.

The international project consortium met at the beginning of February on the SEKEM Farm..

Following the SEKEM Vision Goal for unfolding potential and promoting arts and culture, SEKEM and Heliopolis University aim to sustainably revitalize and reshape the Egyptian wood sector, which is an enrooted part of the Egyptian culture; at the same time job opportunities shall be created to enhance the individual’s livelihood.

The project is organized by a project consortium consisting of the company Felder, Sekem Energy, Gopa Infra Egypt, Heliopolis University, the Austrian chamber of commerce and the Austrian research center for vocational training.


SEKEM Energy