New SEKEM Book in German: SEKEM Inspirationen – Impulse für einen zukunftsfähigen Wandel”

We are very proud that our new book “SEKEM Inspirationen – Impulse für einen zukunftsfähigen Wandel” is now available! For the moment the book is only available in German, but an English version is planned.

After the founding story, which Ibrahim Abouleish wrote down in the “SEKEM Symphony”, his son Helmy Abouleish now looks into the future. In the new book, he describes the vision goals that sahll develop Egypt into a sustainable model country by 2057: “Within the framework of our 16 visio goals, we have already launched a number of projects, all of which are at different stages of progress. Some are already so far advanced that they have achieved systemic relevance for Egypt. Others are still in the research or model development phase. The 16 vision goals are meant to be models of solutions to the challenges of today that will help us realise our vision of a sustainable future for Egypt.”

SEKEM Inspirationen is also a holistic account of the development and realisation of a seemingly utopian vision that led Ibrahim Abouleish to the desert of Egypt in 1977. In the new book, Helmy Abouleish also describes the sources of inspiration for this vision, which come from Egypt and Europe, Islam and Christianity, spirituality and science, showing how Orient and Occident inspire each other and a fruitful symbiosis emerges.

“Our 2057 vision of Egypt may sound as crazy for today’s starting point as the vision of a sustainable initiative in the desert once did when SEKEM was founded,” says Helmy Abouleish. “In the meantime, however, we know that visions of this kind have incredible potential. In the beginning, there is no master plan, but an idea that is translated into the first deeds, if the circumstances are in any way given. May it fail, may it unfold – as long as the necessary is done and always critically questioned, the way forward can be found.”

You can order the book here!