New Scholar Year Begins With New “Space of Culture” Season

SEKEM School as well as Heliopolis University, both like to provide their pupils and students with an energetic and exciting educational experience. The artistic program of the “Space of Culture”, an event venue at Heliopolis University campus, is part of that approach and recently  began its new season with the start of the new scholar year. “It is wonderful to begin our year with art!” expressed Yvonne Floride, Fine Arts Instructor who passed by each office to personally invite her colleagues to participate in the interactive events.

The first event of the new season was designed as a path of several stops to enable the various forms of expression and creativity in each person. First, the participants were invited to fill the white spaces in several large coloring papers. The activity created an opportunity for the students, faculty staff and employees to interact together in a fun context and to express their creativity through color and painting. They then were invited into Ibn Rushd Hall, where several musical performances took place. The Core Program team presented, together with HU graduates and employees, a rewrite of a popular Italian folk song.

Besides, the movement team demonstrated some activities and invited the attendees to join. The Heliopolis University new joiners were excited to see hints of their Core Program, and what they will be able to study and practice through the various forms of arts incorporated in their studies. These courses are designed to unfold the students’ potential and to develop a wide range of personal and professional skills through practice. The Space of Culture team has also presented an overview on their previous performances, through a video and  presented a brief on the history of theatre venue at Heliopolis University. 

The following week, Space of Culture hosted the “Acrobatic Group” from the National Circus.

“Shakespeare meets Scheherazade” at the Space of Culture
A Midday Musical Treat: Musicairo-Trio Plays Jazz-Classics at the “Space of Culture”
“Dance when you are perfectly free”: The Egyptian Mevlevi performed at the “Space of Culture”