SEKEM Österreich

New Film Portrays the Work of SEKEM Austria

Filmmaker Roman Pachernegg and the artist Jasmine Wagner spent the last six month with the SEKEM Friends Association in Austria shooting a feature film about its work. The film covers the various areas of activity of SEKEM Austria in great detail. Its images, examples of which can be found on the website of the association, provide an atmospheric panorama for viewers who wish to understand the work of one of SEKEMs busiest support groups.

Während der Dreharbeiten: Interview mit Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish
During production: An interview with Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish

Over the 14 minutes of the film, the directors outline the development goals of SEKEM Austria. An interview with SEKEM founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish provides additional background information. With this film, SEKEM Austria also intend to highlight the impact the unique SEKEM approach to development has had in Austria in the recent past.

Text: SEKEM Austria

Watch the film here (German)
More pictures of the shooting