New Families and a School in the Desert: Greening the Desert Update

On our desert farm in Wahat El-Bahareyya, we are currently reclaiming another 63 hectares of desert land through sustainable agriculture and supported by a crowdfunding campaign. Here is the latest update.

By Randa Seyam who coordinates the campaign in Egypt.

Thanks to our great supporters, we were able to install the 3rd pivot watering system of the second phase of our crowdfunding campaign, to reclaim additional 21 hectares of Egyptian desert land. We started planting new crops such as chamomile, cotton, lemongrass, marjoram, garlic or peanuts. But there is so much more that happened! 

The Desert community is getting bigger!

We are happy to welcome two families who are now settling on the SEKEM Wahat Farm. Walid Gaber, an engineer, and Mohamed Hassan, a chef. Both brought their families to become part of the SEKEM Wahat community. 

Two families moving to the desert farm in Wahat El-Bahaeryya.

In addition to the basic medical center, we started the establishment of a school. There are currently already three teachers and six students.

The first school lessons taking place on former desert land.

Community Based learning (CBL)

The desert has become full of life! Recently around 80 students from Heliopolis University joined SEKEM Wahat to implement community-based learning. Organic agriculture students planted 400 trees of Jojoba, 500 Casuarina trees, and 100 Mango trees. The Physical Therapy students screened the 80 co-workers and introduced to them good body postures to improve the health of the workers. 

There is much more to come - Join us!