conference regarding alternative therapies in SEKEM

New and Non-Traditional Health Therapy: Understanding the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Behind

In collaboration with the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT), Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) organized a new workshop in regards to new and non-traditional methods of health care. The event about alternative treatment approaches took place at the HU campus on November 12.

“Non-traditional methods used in treatment are considered to be the future therapy for many diseases”, Dr. Alaa Barakat, Professor of the biochemistry department at HU said. He emphasized on explaining that global researches and studies become more and more concerned about these remarkable methods. As counterpart of the ASRT, Dr. Fawzi El Shobki, professor of biochemistry focused on Nutrition Therapy as a kind of Non-Traditional Therapy.

Even though the workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Saeed Shalaby, Vice President of the ASRT, on behalf of Dr. Mahmoud Saqr (President of ASRT), the event was opened by a musical performance, which is characteristic for any events taking place in SEKEM; and the audience as well as the professors, doctors and students attending the workshop were obviously enjoying this cultural part before going into detail of the scientific topics.

Medicine from Natural Sources is the Future

The conference was filled with speeches given by professors and young scientists revealing their studies and researches done in the field of alternative therapies. Dr. Nagwa El-Badry, professor at Zweil City of Science and Technology presented, for instance, recent researches in regards to Stem Cell Therapies and its outcomes. “Stem Cell Therapy and the usage of Biochemical Technology enables us to create new methods for therapy”, Dr. Sameh Sorour, member of the National Committee for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, said. “Using medicinal chemical products is the traditional way of treatment. However, resorting to the production of medicine from natural sources is what we are aiming to know for the future.”

The workshop can be marked as a gateway for a new space of research. It targeted young scientists to be encouraged to discover modern scopes in biochemistry and molecular biology, to learn about new procedures in treatment. People around the world are getting more and more interested in using natural medicines. Therefore, SEKEM with the Heliopolis University and the ASRT are actively aiming to popularize customized natural therapies with less side effects, as they believe that this is the right way to treat variable diseases in the future.

Noha Hussein


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