More Social Entrepreneurship for Egypt

On Sunday, the 6th of November, SEKEM opens its new Entrepreneurship Centre for Social Impact at the Heliopolis University of Sustainable Development (HU). The Social Entrepreneurship Center aims to be the engine for creating sustainable start-ups, which shall create growing financial profits and social impact in both local and global markets.

The Center will provide sector-specific support to the next generation of entrepreneurs in order to receive the needed capabilities, which help them to compete and grow in today’s world. This support includes capacity building training, access to work spaces, access to experts in different technological and business fields, tailored advisory as well as access to industry knowledge and private sector investments. Moreover, the Center promotes the development of innovations and potential entrepreneurs from the Egyptian society with a special focus on SEKEM and HU communities.

Every year ten to fifteen groups of entrepreneurs can attend the program. It’s divided in different stages – from the capacity building stage up to the start-up stage. They start to learn the basic knowledge about the market and get to know the technical skills which they need to develop their business idea. In the final stage the participants present their ideas to the public and potential investor through a public event.

SEKEM has been promoting sustainable growth, community development and social entrepreneurship for almost 40 years. The new Social Entrepreneurship Center should help to achieve its vision: the sustainable development of individual consciousness, economic solidarity, social justice, and environmental balance in Egypt and the world.

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