Logo for SEKEMs Entrepreneurship Center for Social Impact

A few days before launching SEKEMs new Entrepreneurship Center for Social Impact (ECSI), Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) organized a logo-design competition between its students. At the launching event, visited by more than 100 students, professors and entrepreneurs, the winner was announced.

“Entrepreneurship is considered as a new idea, and whenever the word ‘idea’ is mentioned, the famous image of an illuminating lamp rises in my thoughts”, says Yassin Hassan, the logo-competition winner and student at the Engineering Faculty of HU. “Starting with this picture and considering SEKEMs holistic approach in fostering innovative ideas, the logo rose in my mind.” 13 proposed logos designed by HU-students were received and graded by the jury, which consisted of seven persons, headed by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, the SEKEM Founder. Yassin Hassan’s draft will now be refined by a professional designer and soon be used officially.

The competition was not only initiated for choosing a suitable logo implying the Center’s mission, but also as a chance for the HU-students to showcase their ideas, make their own fingerprints, and thereby contribute to one of SEKEMs promising institutions.

SEKEMs launches Entrepreneurship Centre for Social Impact