Launch of Space of Culture Website

In the framework of our spring festivities and in commemoration with the birthday of the SEKEM Founder Ibrahim Abouleish, we are pleased to announce the launching of the new website for the Space of Culture.

The Space of Culture is planned to be a lighthouse for the community that highlights cultural diversity and fosters open dialogues. This cultural hub, located on the campus of Heliopolis University in an open theater, offers different events such as concerts, art exhibitions as well as theatrical plays.

The new facility opened already in September 2017. Since then, many different events with artist from all over the world took place. Hence, SEKEM celebrated for instance the first part of its 40th anniversary there and recently, one-day preceding SEKEM Spring Festival 2018, the Swiss artist Masha Dimitri had performed an amazing acrobatic show.

Through the website, the interested audience can get insights into the latest events, receives information about the upcoming shows and can book tickets. SEKEM is very happy about the new activities of the Space of Culture and grateful to its supporters, especially the “Lebensbaum Foundation”, the main sponsor of the project.

Space of Culture Website
Masha Dimitri at the Space of Culture
Opening the Space of Culture
First Graduation Ceremony of Heliopolis University at “Space of Culture”