ISIS water 650 ml

ISIS Organic Begins Offering its Water in 650 ml in large Egyptian Supermarkets

After SEKEMs company ISIS Organic opened its new bottling plant earlier this year, ISIS Organic is now excited to finally offer its water in 650 ml bottles in the largest of the Egyptian supermarkets, the so-called “hypermarkets”.

When opening the ISIS Organic bottling plant in March 2015, SEKEM was very happy as the new production lines had been waiting for their starting signal for several years. However, the political instability of the past years and the associated frequent changes of executive staff in the relevant ministries served to postpone the official approval process of the facility many times.

Since early March, ISIS Organic started selling the table water on the Egyptian market in three different bottle sizes (1.5 liter, 7 liter and 5 gallons). In July, the 650 ml bottles finally appeared on the market, too. “We usually offer a new product step by step. We intend to test the market and also to slowly familiarise our customers with new products”, Osama Rashad, brand manager of ISIS Organic explains.

The ISIS Organic table water comes from a deep well on SEKEMs farm Adleya. It is cleaned by a complex filtering system and then further processed at the ISIS Organic bottling plant. The natural water is fresh, clean and contains many healthy minerals.

“In the long run, we wish to make ISIS Organic water the most popular local choice that is equally good as the other, world-renowned brands available in the country”, Osama Rashad tells.


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