Information on the Situation in Regard to the Corona Virus

From the day of its foundation more than 40 years ago, SEKEM opened its doors to people from all over the world. It is our core value to exchange knowledge and experiences to be a part of the global sustainable development.

In the context of the extreme health challenge that the world faces currently, we see it as our responsibility to help reduce and slow down the spreading of the new pandemic. Hence, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the local authorities, SEKEM farm and Guesthouse will postpone all visits, events and gatherings. This will include our Annual Spring Festival, the SEKEMsophia Symposium and all tour or stay reservations.

We want to share with you that it is SEKEM’s main objective to enable every individual’s development and wellbeing and it’s only natural to start from within. At SEKEM main Farm in Belbeis and Headquarter in Cairo we have taken several preventative actions as well as informative sessions to our community members and we will continue to adapt to the situation with the human’s wellbeing in front and center of our interest.

Now, the world needs our message the most, so we will continue to keep our communication channels open, to raise awareness on our shared holistic values and goals.

Despite all that, we keep confident and wish you all to stay safe and healthy!