Inclusive Health For All

Health is more than the absence of illness. SEKEM wants to develop a concept for integrative health that understands human well-being in its entirety and promotes it preventively. With this, SEKEM wants to contribute to a sustainable improvement of the desolate health system and the high incidence of diseases in Egypt.


Our Vision for Egypt

In 2057 in Egypt, health will be understood to mean the well-being of people in their entirety and will be promoted preventively!

Egypt’s health system is in dire straits. Although there is a state basic supply, it does not even begin to cover the necessary treatments for people. The SEKEM Medical Center is a popular alternative to the average polyclinic in Egypt. The reason for this is, among other things, the qualified doctors who take time for the patients and try to use natural medication and holistic treatment approaches. The pleasant and clean environment and access for all walks of life also contribute to the success of the day clinic. The Medical Center relies on the support of SEKEM companies and donations in order to be able to offer treatment to people with limited financial means.

Health is Only Possible Holistically – Help Us!



Realizing Holistic Health

In addition to basic care, SEKEM intends to develop a concept for integrative health promotion in the coming years that can not only be used in its own institutions, but also made available to other institutions in the country. In this context and to realize the future vision for 2057, SEKEM has undertaken the following specific projects this year:

Child Health

SEKEM wants to enable children and adolescents from the SEKEM educational institutions to receive holistic medical care that is not limited to the initial examination. To this end, concepts were developed that incorporate elements from the Egyptian and German preventive care programs for children. The project initially focuses on two main areas:

  • Early detection examinations: Small children up to the age of 6 are regularly examined and accompanied in their development. Parents receive targeted advice on topics such as breastfeeding, heat balance, nutrition, rhythm, movement, communication, games, education and the media. If necessary, educators or teachers are also included in the advice.
  • Medical and therapeutic care during school and training: workshops for parents and teachers are organized here on topics such as age-appropriate nutrition, sleeping and waking or dealing with allergies and infections.

SEKEM provides all the financing for the employees’ children, as the Egyptian health insurance companies do not cover any medical check-ups or preventive measures.

Health Care in the 13 Villages

In the 13 villages around the SEKEM mother farm, the Medical Center organizes medical convoys to examine immobile patients and to determine and organize their need for help. Many people in these villages are dependent on the public health system, which is by no means able to provide outpatient care.

Information events on the corona pandemic and other health topics will also be held in order to promote the health literacy of the population.

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