Helmy Abouleish on the Health Situation in Egypt

This year was very much affected by the Corona pandemic. The damages are also visible in Egypt. Even before the pandemic, the Egyptian health system was unable to provide proper medical care for its over 100 million inhabitants. The pandemic made the situation even worse. Many adults and children have no possibility to visit a doctor and avoid going to a clinic because the fear the infection.

Especially in these difficult times, SEKEM wants support the approximately 40,000 inhabitants of the surrounding communities and offer them holistic medical care that respects their human dignity. For this purpose, we are expanding the services of the SEKEM Medical Center and are driving in convoys with doctors in the surrounding 13 villages to reach as many people as possible.

Help us with your donation to make the lives of many children and adults a bit healthier – give health for Christmas with us!

With warm regards,

Helmy Abouleish