members of the SEKEM friends association

Heliopolis University Still in the Focus

The executive members of the European SEKEM support associations recently met in Egypt to share their achievements and deliberate common future strategies. Heliopolis University remains in their focus.

Representatives of the SEKEM support associations in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Austria visited SEKEM at the end of March to discuss their future activities and develop new common strategies for furthering the SEKEM cause. Together with local SEKEM co-workers, they received the chance to personally examine developments at the cultural and social facilities that all of them have been tirelessly supporting from Europe for the past years – and not just financially.

Helping to Understand Islam

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish thanked all those who had come for their exceptional commitment and stressed the importance of both ideological and financial support. To him personally, it was a particular concern that the groups would keep on communicating the meaning of Islam in Europe clearly and openly both individually and as a group of like-minded organisations.

„We would like to consider more thoroughly how we can understand Islam in new ways, especially with regard to the coexistence of man and nature”, Hans Werner commented the effort. The German medical doctor has been supporting SEKEM for more than 35 years. Together with his wife Elfriede Werner, he had been one of the founders of the German SEKEM association. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish spoke to him on the occasion of the meeting, expressed his gratitude, and congratulated the long-time friend who had just recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

Heliopolis University Continues to be in the Focus

The support for the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development remains the key cause for all of the European groups. SEKEMs foundational idea, that the seeds for individual freedom can best be sown through education, is still at the forefront of all their efforts. The Heliopolis University is still in its infancy and therefore relies heavily on outside support. That support may not only be financial but also includes the discovery of qualified teaching personnel. For instance, Professionals are sought who contribute to the expansion of the existing faculties. Contrary to artists who wish to contribute to the Core Programme of fundamental studies, academic staff is also needed who are willing to stay with the institution for an extended time. Moreover, there is demand for qualified instructors – specifically Waldorf teachers – and craftsmen for the other educational institutions.

After the meeting, the associations’ staff members reaffirmed their goal of continuing to spread the SEKEM impulse as widely as possible. The next meeting is planned for spring 2017.

Christine Arlt