Hand in Hand Against Climate Change

This year, the Hand in Hand Fund (supported by Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V. and Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH) continues to support two SEKEM projects: planting 4200 trees and recycling date seeds.

The world has been treating its natural resources irresponsibly; climate change challenge already started facing this generation, and will affect future generations even more intensely. We need to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint in order to prevent the problem from escalating, but what is to happen with the emissions we have been producing irresponsibly until now?

Even if we cease to produce carbon emissions we still need to face and eliminate the damage already caused. Afforestation is essential among global efforts to mitigate climate change. Not only the trees itself but also the fertile soil binds thousands of tons of CO2.

Integrating trees in the natural farming circle

SEKEM does not only plant trees in the middle of the desert but integrates them into the whole farming circle which brings several additional benefits: the trees protect the agricultural fields from wind and erosion; they provide valuable shade, which in turn creates a microclimate and enhances biodiversity that is necessary for cultivating plants and crops.

Besides, the Hand in Hand Fund will also support a project to recycle date seeds to incorporate them in the animal feed by financing a hammer mill. In this mill the the date pits from SEKEM’s company  iSiS Organic will be ground and then used for the feed production. Studies have proved that date pits have a positive effect on increasing the weight of animals in a healthy way. Poor waste management is another reason for climate change and affects the quality of life of all living creatures. Hence, waste recycling and a circular economy are important targets of the SEKEM Vision 2057.

Thanks to the support of the Hand in Hand Fund and other committed  partners, we are able to initiate new projects constantly which help SEKEM grow sustainably and contribute to the development of Egypt towards a green future.


Supported by Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V. and Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH with resources out of the Hand in Hand Fund.

Nadine Greiss


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