Growing Healthy Kids: SEKEM solves the Equation

Kids are the most stubborn food critics and unfortunately, sometimes they are junk food lovers. Prioritizing health over taste is not an easy mission when it comes to feeding our kids. That is what the Metropolitan School in Cairo had captured and addressed last week in its event: “Grow Healthy”. ISIS Organic, SEKEMs biggest company sponsored the event next to BeFit, the leading fitness entity in Egypt.

“A healthy recipe should consist of healthy and high-quality ingredients of a well-known source” says Radwa Fathi, Brand Manager of ISIS Organic. The marketing team members contributed to the event by presenting a wide range of SEKEM and ISIS Organic products, which included organic vegetables, spices, olive oil, dates, organic milk and the SEKEMs famous legumes. “The variety of our organic food products can easily fulfill all the nutritional requirements for achieving a healthy diet,” Radwa continued.

Chef Shermeen Saad uses SEKEM products in her delicious salad recipes.

“Cooking with our kids creates deep inside them a special kind of harmony with food,” Chef Shermeen Saad

50 of the students’ parents attended the event, where they got insights on how to subject their kids to nutritious food by developing for them healthy, yet tasty recipes. “Salad is a perfect way to sneak veggies for realizing a healthy diet for kids. Personally, I prefer SEKEMs Chickpeas for a delicious hummus salad – very rich in protein,” said the chef Shermeen Saad, the co-founder of Shermeen’s Salads. The professional chef participated in the event by displaying delicious salad recipes, all composed of the ISIS and SEKEM organic products. “Cooking with our kids and engaging them to preparing their own dishes can create deep inside them a special kind of affinity and harmony with the food,” the member of the Egyptian Chef Association asserted.

The event also included a nutrition counseling session. The nutrition expert, Dr.Abdelrahman Alwishahi shared with the parents tips in regards to fostering healthy eating habits in their children. For instance, providing our kids with organic food products is safer and more nutritious than their conventionally produced counterparts. And to complete the equation of promoting a healthy lifestyle for children, BeFit Egypt offered the parents free tickets for their kids to attend fitness classes.

Noha Hussein

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