The Future of Greening the Desert: We Will Continue!



On our desert farm in Wahat El-Bahareyya, we have reclaimed 63 hectares of desert land through sustainable agriculture, supported by a crowdfunding campaign. Here is the latest update.

By Narimeh Paeplow who coordinates the campaign in Egypt.

We did it – in 2019 we collected 400.000 Euros for greening 63 hectares meters of desert soil! And we will continue, another 1000 hectares of desert land are waiting to be reclaimed.

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THANK YOU – we are going to continue!

We thank all our contributors that helped us starting this great project with such a success. With the Greening the Desert project we want to set a concrete example of how many opportunities we have today to make a change in the world. With the funded 400.000 Euros we could install three solar-powered pivot systems, that will irrigate 63 hectares of land cultivated with biodynamic principles.

Within a few months only, 63 hectares of former desert soils could be cultivated by sustainable agriculture – thanks to the support of many people from all over the world!

But your contribution is serving much more than just sustainable agriculture! Wahat is still in its early days – different people are joining the journey of shaping this young community. And we already started to think about how the future could look like. We want to establish an open, intentional community, where people come together to work on a common vision of a brighter future.

The vision for our farm in Wahat is inspired by the vision that guided SEKEM through the past 42 years and shaped it into what it became today.

By joining the Greening the Desert campaign, you help:

  • Mitigating climate change
  • Producing healthy food
  • Saving water
  • Creating jobs and providing education for the community and the surroundings
  • Creating a sustainable community where cultures can gather and create a fertile ground for exchange

Now we want to reclaim another 63 hectares of desert soil. For our next step we plan to finance another three pivot irrigation systems for which we want to fund again 400.000 Euro.

Join us on our promising future mission of Greening the Desert!

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