German-Egyptian Cooperation for Promoting Organic Production in Egypt

Recently, the bfz gGmbH (Training and Development Centers of the Bavarian Employers’ Associations) and the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) launched their cooperation project Organic Egypt. The three-year project focuses on enhancing the Organic agriculture sector in Egypt and improving the competitiveness of its production in national and international markets by meeting the global demands. Hence, this joint venture is based on a strong partnership between the bfz and BMZ with selected Egyptian associations of Organic agriculture. The Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), which was founded under the umbrella of SEKEM, is a proud partner of this new project together with the Fayoum Organic Development Association (FAODA).

Egypt faces several challenges in the agricultural sector, such as a lack of skilled labor, a lack of training and counseling and the scarcity of natural resources. On the other hand, Organic farming in Egypt is struggling with low productivity and competitiveness, as well as a lack of marketing structures and a lack of reliable and cost-effective certification options.

The project Organic Egypt emerges from the objectives of the strategy issued by the Egyptian government in 2009 that aims to renovate the Egyptian agriculture, in order to realize sustainable food security.

At SEKEM Guesthouse the first planning workshop of the project “Organic Egypt” took place.

In this context, a planning workshop was conducted at the SEKEM Guesthouse on January 22nd and 23rd with high profile guests from the Organic sector in Egypt, as well as international guests working in the field of Organic agriculture, for instance the International Association of Partnerships (IAP) which is a long-standing cooperation founded in SEKEM. The workshop developed a detailed action plan for the next three years.

The main goals of the joint project are: developing the internal organizational structure of the partner associations according to the needs of their members, providing qualitatively and quantitatively improved consulting and training programs to the members of the partner associations and improving the marketing possibilities for Organic products from Egypt on the national and international market.

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