Deutscher Botschafter und Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in SEKEM

German Ambassador Visited SEKEM

On April 28, SEKEM welcomed high-profile visitors: The German Ambassador Julius Georg Luy and the Head of Development Cooperation at the German Embassy, Sebastian Lesch, spent one day at the SEKEM Farm. Lesch is responsible among others for the developmental cooperation with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) that supports SEKEM for instance in promoting gender equality or in different agricultural projects.

SEKEM Founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish welcomed the two guests and presented them the different SEKEM Institutions. The ambassador seemed visibly impressed by the diversity of SEKEM – the Medical Center, the educational institutions and the different companies. “The SEKEM-model is unique and the people who are working in SEKEM seem to be quite happy “, Luy said.

German Ambassador visits SEKEM
Julius Georg Luy visits the Vocational Training Center of SEKEM.

During the weekly school celebration, the children of the SEKEM Schools presented various impressive performances, like songs, poems or dances. Afterwards, Julius Georg Luy made time for questions of SEKEM co-workers. When he was asked how he experienced and recognized arts and culture in SEKEM, he replied: “Everything in SEKEM is aesthetically beautiful and I could discover small artistic works in almost every corner. Arts and culture are very important for the well-being of people but do generally not receive enough appreciation – also in Germany.”

After the weekly SEKEM-circle, where Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish is wishing all employees a good weekend by shaking their hands, the SEKEM Founder also said goodbye to Julius Georg Luy after an enriching day on the SEKEM Farm.

German Ambassador_SEKEM1
Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, Julius Georg Luy and Sebastian Lesch (f. l. t. r.) take a walk on the SEKEM Farm.


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