“Gamil w Gamila” Plays In The Heart of The Egyptian Desert

The Core Program team from SEKEM School and Heliopolis University performed a Eurythmic play of the folkloric tale of “Gamil w Gamila” on the SEKEM desert farm in Wahat. The fairytale is about how to find beauty and harmony within yourself. 

Gamil w Gamila was directed by Martina Dinkel and performed by the Eurythmy group of SEKEM School and Heliopolis University

The talented team brought along their enthusiasm, colorful costumes, and temporary stage set up to give the workers of the SEKEM Wahat – Greening the Desert project a wonderful and memorable performance. The rural desert landscape contrasted beautifully with the skillful play execution. A similar contrast was present between the simple storyline and the profound meaning behind the ancient tale.

Food for the spirit

Through “Gamil w Gamila”, two distant worlds got to meet and influence one another. Nana Woo, the eurythmy teacher expresses: “The Core Program team was deeply touched by the experience in the desert. Seeing the small trees and plants dig their way out of the sandy soil is equally moving as seeing the new small community born in the heart of the desert.” On the other hand, the workers staying and working in Wahat in the harshest of conditions were thrilled to be introduced to this group of talented people who have taken an interest in them, and have come a long way just to meet them and bring them this delightful play.

This is only the first step and one of many performances yet to come, as a Wahat Theater is currently under construction. 

A vision becoming a reality

SEKEM believes that arts and culture are key factors for human development and happiness, and so it strives towards unfolding the individual potential of its community members as well as surrounding communities. The Core Program serves as the cultural arm for achieving SEKEM Vision Goals. The team of inspired and innovative individuals is constantly looking for new ways and is coming up with initiatives to achieve this difficult task. The new rising community in Wahat is most inspired and motivated by the program and looks forward to more and more activities.

Nadine Greiss

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