Funding for SEKEM’s Impact Project

SEKEM has high ambitions to promote and grow sustainable agriculture in the desert, to unfold potential of each individual, and to stimulate ethical and fair business practices in a peaceful society – and many more. These ambitions all require a lot of resources. Activities and new initiatives are funded by contributions from the own SEKEM Companies and from many partners and friends. With the Vision 2057 SEKEM sees the urgent need to further develop many projects. In this context support from new sources would be extremely welcome and help to accelerate and multiply SEKEM’s impact.

That is why SEKEM decided to strengthen its fundraising activities. The financial support from many people for Greening the Desert, for the new Wahad farm and its community, proved to be very successful. Now, new donation buttons are introduced on the SEKEM websites, for a variety of different projects. When visiting the websites, friends and partners can now make direct donations to purposes and projects that are close to their heart. 

SEKEM and Heliopolis University also started to proactively invite charitable institutions and high net worth individuals to partner with SEKEM and to support important ‘impact projects’ with multi-year grants. Such types of partnerships enable to invest in larger projects that require bigger funding. We developed informative brochures to share with potential partners the opportunities, the needs, and impact ambitions.

Hans Schutt, SEKEM Friends Netherlands

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