Fun and Bee Stings: New Playground at the SEKEM Farm

In the middle of the nature at the SEKEM Farm, SEKEM children can now enjoy playing and practice climbing. Two swings, a balancing beam, a two-storey tree house and several climbing frames had recently been constructed in a SEKEM grove.

“The idea existed already for a long time”, says Sarah Abouleish, Chief Social Affairs Officer at SEKEM. “When our former trainee Felix Auth announced his visit, I directly asked him for help with this.” The young carpenter planned the project together with SEKEMs master carpenter Mohammed Saber and implemented it with the support of the prospective carpenters from SEKEMs Vocational Training Center.

Die beiden Schaukeln erfreuten sich großer Beliebtheit
Children love the two swings.

The craftsmen felled six trees at the nearby SEKEM Farm Adleya to build the playing equipment. The carpentry trainees were thereby able to use their knowledge in a practical project, which brought them a lot of fun. “The cooperation went very well and had benefits for all participants”, says Felix. “Even though the equipment doesn´t always meet the standards that we are used to in Europe, we always knew how to help ourselves.”

Die Kinder erkunden den neuen Spielplatz
Discovering the new playground.

30 children from the lower classes of SEKEM School joined the opening day of the new playground. In various stages the new toys were proven by the children. Unfortunately, a swarm of bees was hiding in a nearby beehive. Alerted by the noise the bees set in motion and stringed some children. Happily the incident didn’t mar the general joy about the new playground. The bee swarm was relocated the next day and the children of the SEKEM School and Kindergarten can now enjoy exploring the new playground absolutely safely.

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