Full of Confidence: Unfolding of Potential Becomes Visible Every Day

Full of excitement more than 250 people from all around the globe came to the Social Initiative Forum 2019 that took place at SEKEM and Heliopolis University from 11 to 15 December. All of them were connected by the eagerness to learn from one another different ways and examples on how to unfold individual potential.

Sharing the vision and goals

The Social Initiative Forum and SEKEM have a clear vision in common; that vision is to enable and empower all humans as individuals and as community members in the same time. “The SIF in Egypt brought together people from all over the world who share a spark. This spark lies in believing in your own potential and in that of others,” described Truus Geraets. Truus Geraets and Ute Craemer initiated the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) in 2000 to create a network of individuals, initiatives and organizations who share this vision and belief. 

About 250 people from all over the world came to SEKEm to attend the SIF 2019.

“Everyone believed that the idea of SEKEM is impossible to achieve. But if there’s a lesson to learn from it: the impossible is achievable when you have a clear vision and a deep belief in the vision. Ibrahim Abouleish began to realize his vision 42 years ago. After he passed away, we decided to publish an even crazier vision for the future. And I am sure that we are going to realize this vision, because every day we see how individual potential is unfolding,” said Helmy Abouleish during his keynote talk on SEKEM’s Vision for 2057. Similarly, also Anthroposophy started as one man’s philosophy and became an international network all over the world. This network became clear too during the SIF as many of the involved organizations and participants came from an anthroposophical background. 

Truus Geraets and Ute Craemer initiated the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) in 2000 to create a network of individuals, initiatives and organizations who share the vision of initiating a social transformation in the world.

Voices of the future

On the last day of the Forum, the room was set up in circles. The youngest of the group were asked to sit at the center of the room while the elders sat at the widest circle. The discussion began by honoring the elders who paved the way until today, followed by the stories of younger participants who shared their inspiring ideas for the future. And the fact that potential unfolding is not limited to any age, was expressed among others by Dr. Bruno Sandkühler: “My passport states that I am 88 years old, yet my heart feels not a day older than 30,” the expert for Ancient Egypt and longstanding SEKEM friend said. During the discussion many great voices for the have been expressed. And Heliopolis University became an open space for sharing arts and culture exactly in the sense as its founder Ibrahim Abouleish was dreaming about it. 

Although the SIF 2019 came to an end, the real future designing is only beginning – and unfolding individual potential will never end. SEKEM is happy to be part of this visionary network and looks forward to the upcoming developments for which the foundation was laid during the SIF in Egypt.

Nadine Greiss

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