For Healthy Livestock: Free Veterinary Service from SEKEM

Recently, SEKEM organized three veterinary medical convoys to investigate the livestock of SEKEMs contracted farmers in three villages located in Giza and Kafr El Sheikh Governorates. The project was organized in collaboration with the Egyptian Bio-Dynamic Association (EBDA) and more than 20 veterinary doctors, who volunteered from nearby directorates. The veterinarians inspected and vaccinated an average of 300 animals including cows, sheep and buffaloes for free; the EBDA funded the whole campaign, including medicines and vaccines.

“Besides the high-quality animal products, like milk or meat, the animals health plays a crucial role in biodynamic agriculture. Their manures function as nutritious fertilizer as  the farmers use it for compost production. Hence, the soil biodiversity is stimulated and accordingly the land’s production is boosted,” says Attia Sobhy, the director of the EBDA. “If the animal is infected, the disease will be transmitted to its wastes. This fact is not well known among many conventional farmers who also start to use compost fertilization”, he explains.

But, SEKEMs contracted farmers work in accordance with the Demeter guidelines for biodynamic agriculture, which state the necessity of maintaining and integrating healthy livestock into the whole agricultural process in order to keep the natural balance. Hence, the animals’ welfare and health generally plays a crucial role. Through the convoy SEKEM has succeeded in raising the awareness among its farmers towards animal health. By further veterinary campaigns in coordination with local governmental organizations, SEKEM aims to also foster the attention of conventional farmers towards healthy livestock and thereby reach as much animal husbandmen as possible in Egypt.

Noha Hussein

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